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Unique designs of Packages are available in SPOL

  • EasySOOM tape (Mouth Tape)

    EasySOOM is a mouth tape helps breathe easily, while you sleep.
    ·EasySOOM One paper box (2 rolls / 120 cut)
    ·Daily EasySOOM Comes in a plastic case and it is easy to carry (1 plastic case: 33 cuts)

  • Mint green

    Each Roll has paper box, English text.

  • Green Box (Bulk Box)

    Each Roll is vinyl covered,
    2.75cm, 3.75cm, 7.5cm (wide) for Beige and 5cm(wide)
    for all colors, English and Korean text

  • Plastic Green Box (Plastic Box)

    Each Roll has plastic box, English and Korean text

  • 3.5m Box

    3.5m Box contains 3 Rolls, Korean text.

  • 16m Box

    5cmX16m tape, English and Korean text


    Look different on the field using tattoo tapes.
    Match up with your clothes, shoes and other accessories.
    Each roll comes in a mint green paper box, English text.

  • Precut

    Tape with cutting line comfortable to use ripped without scissors.
    Each rolls has a different cut size with composition.
    25cm*18 strips 35cm*13 strips 45cm *10 strips

  • Bowling Tape

    Strong adhesive strength with special bond It produce by thickness and widely used for professional bowlers and high bowlers who want to make fast taping.
    width 2cm x depth 7cm 1 box / 75 strips

  • Color Therapy Taping Box

    5 colors (Beige, Blue, Pink, Green, Orange)
    tapes contains in 1 box. (Each tape’s length is 1m),
    Korean text.