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CEO Message & Vision

CEO Message

Since the foundation of ‘Sysnet’ in 2002, we have tried hard to publicize about
‘Kinesiology Taping Therapy’. With all the experience, we founded ‘SPOL Corporation’ in
2010, and now we’ve made our new brand of Kinesiology Muscle and Join tape “SPOL
Kinematics Tex”. After some trials and errors, it became well-known Kinesiology tape brand
for outstanding performance and quality.

We are deeply proud of being part of Sports-Pain and Sports-Medical related business
field and promise to be the manufacturer of best product and service.


  • Number1 company SPOL will be the best kinesiolosy Tape Manufacturer

  • Customer satisfaction management User oriented products and service

  • Nurturing Global talent SPOL is nurturing employees talent forbenefit of company and society

  • Challenging Challenging sprit can open the door to the world and the future