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5% Discount event for 'Efecto Cooling gel'
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2016-08-29 11:02:02

Dear valued partner,


Special Event will be launched on September!

You will get 5% discount for the item, “Efecto Cooling gel”!



This special event is available until the end of September.


When you make an order for Efecto cooling gel, you will get 5% discount for it.

PLEASE REMEMBER! Only “Efecto Cooling Gel” will get 5% discount!

(Shipping cost and other items will not be applied.)


If you have interests on “Efecto Cooling gel”, don’t miss this special chance!

“Efecto Cooling Gel” has 3 types of size.

120ml(Roll-on type), 150ml(Tube type), 460ml(Pump type)


I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Enjoy your taping with us,


Have a wonderful day,!


Your best partner,

Joanne Yoo

International Sales Manager


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