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Release Kinematics Tex Strong (Upgrade Adhesive)
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2018-09-06 16:47:32

Kinematics Tex Strong


Product details of Kinematics Tex Strong Kinesiology Tape

  • 96% cotton and Polyurethane 4% -Injury Prevention -Better Performance -Helps Blood Circulation - Recovery - Water-proof -Hypo-allergenic - 5cm x 5m


Kinematics Tex Strong is a product with added adhesive to make it even stronger. It is suitable for people with hairy skin or living in humid locations. Kinematics Tex reduces muscle and joint pain, increases mobility and enhances athletic performance. It works by lifting your skin (about 10 microns), so that blood circulation can be improved. It does not contain any medications or topical ingredients, so it is easy on your skin. It can be used to prevent or treat hundreds of sports injuries. 

Most tapes in the market can only last about one day in humid weather. However, with the Kinematics Tex Strong, it can stay on your skin for 2-3 days under humid conditions. You can conduct your intensive daily exercise with the security that the tape will stay with you all the way. It is air-permeable and water - repellant. 

With similar elasticity and thickness to human skin, the tape stretches and moves with the body and does not restrict movement or create any sensation of constriction. Allowing injured muscle or joints to move freely helps them heal faster than if they were immobilized.


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